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It is much more amazing being a woman, you are a very nurturing and cherishing force. You have all the necessities of life within you, and not only contribute to creating life, but also protect it and bring it to the world. The power inside you makes you able to transform and become whatever you want and developing into the life that you selected. Remember, you have these amazing powers within you.

Girls Diariez - the Spirit of Girls

Women need to find their own style, their own personality and what suits them the most. Girls Diariez is an amazing source of information for females all over the globe. Our aim is to provide the best articles on some very essential components of a woman’s life. We write articles on Women’s Health, Love, Relationship, Sex, Fashion and Beauty. We have a team of expert writers and every day we present fresh & well-researched articles for our women readers.

About the Founder:

Stacy Blake is the founder and editor-in-chief of Girlsdiariez.com. She lives in Texas City with her husband and their pet dog. Stacy is a gorgeous, fun-loving and enthusiastic female with a passion for empowering women. She likes traveling, adventure and finding creative solutions to make life easier. She inspires women to love their life, understand their life and take care of their health to live a life they actually deserve.

Our Team:

Jessica Hogue- Associate Editor

Mayo Bowen- Senior Writer

Rose Martin- Writer

Anna Smith – Writer

Kim Irby – Social Media Editor                     

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