Colored Contacts Ideas for Dark Eyes

Best Colored Contacts Ideas for Dark Eyes

Are you fashion savvy? What to be fashion forward at all times? Nowadays fashion is not only restricted to hair, clothes, makeup or accessories. It’s multifaceted and very diverse. There are limitless options at your disposal to show off your fashion sense. One of the most sought after trends that people are crazy about is colored contact lenses. You can make a bold statement by completely changing your eye color or you can go down a more subtle road to enhance and brighten up your face. Whatever you choose, be sure that it compliments your face and color, in order to get the best outlook. We can opt for a complete makeover by dying our hair, by changing our makeup palettes and get our entire look synched in with our eye color. Colored lenses are the perfect partner to your eyeshades; from sidewalk to catwalk everyone loves this trend. But we can’t change the complexion we have. There are innumerous options of colored contact lenses for men and women of any ethnicity possible, be sure to wear the right ones to make them perfect for you.

The best thing about colored contact lenses is that they finally give you the liberty to have the eye color of your dreams. 50% or more people in the world have brown eyes, rest assured that most colored contact lenses are designed for your dark irises. Now it’s up to you to change your eye color of an event, every day or go crazy for a Halloween party. If your eye color is already light then you are lucky as the light color eyes pick any color easily. But with dark eyeballs you need to be more careful in choosing the color that shows up without your original color peeking through. Dark eyes need a more opaque lens to show the color more vividly.

What are colored contact lenses?

Colored contact lenses are the same as regular, vision correction ones. A thin film of plastic that is placed on top of your cornea to correct vision or beautify looks. They can be with prescription or without prescription. The only difference is that there is an added film of color in the inner area to change the color of the eyes. The main focal point is left clear to make sure that the wearer can see properly. It is not necessary that people with impaired vision can only use contacts; you can opt for 0 power ones and enjoy this trendy fashion.

Types of colored contact lenses

colored contact lenses

There are two basic types of colored contacts: prescribed and plano. The prescribed colored contacts aid in your vision, corrects near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and irregular shape of cornea (astigmatism). Vision correction and fashion statement in one stroke.  The other type is Plano colored contacts; when your vision is 20/20 and all you want is to change your look, these one are for you. Purely cosmetic, with zero power to correct the vision and comes in an array of colors to suit everyone’s needs. They mimic your eyes and give you a natural look. Our iris consists of many colors, lines and dots. With a huge demand for contacts all over the world, new advancements have made it possible to make contacts as natural as possible. Today’s contacts come with all these dots, lines and colors to give a natural and realistic look. I mean who wants to look like an alien, right? The very center is left clear for you to see the world unhindered by the tinted film.

Types of Tints in Colored Contacts  

Visibility tint: A muted color added to the otherwise clear lens. It won’t have an effect on the color of your eyes, but if you accidentally drop the lens while inserting, removal or cleaning this tint can be a great help to find it. It’s usually in light blue or light green tint.

Enhancement tint: A little darker than the visibility tint, less sheer, more translucent. As the name suggests, it will amplify the natural color of your eyes. These types of color contact lenses are best suited for people with light color eyes, they don’t have to completely change their eye color, just make them more vibrant and dynamic, thus creating a level of depth and definition for the light color irises.  

Opaque tint: Completely smitten and concealed, this type of lens can completely change your eye color. If you have dark eyes, these will be perfect for you to achieve a complete transformation. There is a wide array of colors to choose from, green, blue, grey, hazel, amethyst, violet and honey brown.

Circle lenses (equinox): This type of lens has a ring around the iris to bring in a subtle but notable effect. They perfectly compliment light eyes.

Theatrical cosmetic lens: Used to give special effects during a movie, drama or Halloween party. For example, red eyes for vampires, cat eyes, gold eyes, white eyes or even all black eyes.  

Dark eyes need special attention

dark eyes

It is relatively easy to choose contacts for light –colored eyes as they don’t mottle the lens pattern like dark colored eye balls do. The only hitch is that the people with light irises want to have dark irises, obviously. They have to wear circle contact lenses with thicker limbal ring to ensure a more composed look. But all is not so hunky dory for dark irises. It’s a completely different story. You must opt for opaque colored lenses to achieve a complete look with the best results. Choosing an opaque pair of colored lenses won’t be the only factor you have to keep under consideration, your complexion, the look you want to get, the rate of transformation will all matter. A warm skin tone has golden, peachy undertones. Cool skin has pinkish undertones and neutral skin is a perfect blend of cool and warm. A simple way to determine your tone is with accessories, if you have warm skin tone golden accessories suit you and if you have cool skin tone silver accessories must suit you. With neutral skin tone both compliments your skin. It’s very important to know your skin tone to make the best decision. Also when you try colored lenses try it in low light as well as bright light. Keep into consideration in which lighting you probably wear yours and decide likewise. Lastly, do you want a dramatic effect or a subtle one? Do you want everyone to notice the change or you just want to make it an underlying change? All these above mentioned factors can alter your decision. Choose wisely.

Choosing the best possible color for your eyes       

In order to make a complete switch over from your dark eye balls, you must opt for opaque lenses. This will ensure more colored pixels, meaning, no dark color seeping through. If you want to have matching eyes with your purple dress or want to just tone down those dark brown or black eyes with hazel colored lenses. The arrays of color options are as versatile as you can imagine. Take the plunge and the results will be very pleasing.

Blue Contacts:

Blue Contacts

Who doesn’t like blue colored irises? They make anyone look cool and charming. If you have brown eyes and always wanted blue eyes, then you are in luck. This is the most in-demand color for dark eyes. The effect you will have on your eyes depends on the shade you select. Sapphire blue, baby blue, brilliant blue or true sapphire all are amazing. Make sure they look vibrant and blend well with your personality.

Grey Contacts:

Grey contacts

This color is for those people who want to make a subdued statement and don’t want to go out of their comfort zone. Grey color can bring the change you desire, with the muted boost that will jazz up your look completely. Whether you have dark brown eyes or light brown eyes, grey will be compatible with not only your eyes, but also with all skin tones and hair colors. This color is so in-demand across the globe that it comes in various opacities, tones and modalities.

Hazel or Honey Brown Contacts:

If you want to vamp up in the most natural way, this color is your best bet. It will effortlessly take the place of your previous shade, giving you a new look, in the most organic way.

Green Contacts:

Green contacts

The second most popular choice for brown eyes is green color contacts. If your desire is to get an alluring, captivating and mysterious look go for this color. They naturally compliment dark brown eyes and warm, neutral or cool skin tones. It’s because the green coloured contacts have dots and specks of beige or yellow that allows a smooth transition, especially from the middle of the pupil.

Eventually the decision is yours, keep the aforementioned points in your mind to make the best decision and with so many options, really the sky’s the limit! 

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