Over the Top Romantic Gestures

30 Over the Top Romantic Gestures for Him

A great relationship does not require expensive and costly things to show affection all the time. Sometimes, a sweet romantic gesture is enough to make your lover’s day. A thing matters is that you care enough to develop small ways to remind your partner that you still love him the most. The romantic gestures are the ways of showing love to someone. Some romantic gestures help you to make your partner feel like he/she is truly cherished and loved.

Romance is the most gorgeously mysterious things. It is important to make sure that a relationship is strong and stable enough and everything between you is working out. A way to make it possible is only by using the following gestures. It does not matter if you are the wife or girlfriend to use these tips to make your relationship strong. When you want to do something special or nice for your guy, these tips will help you out.

1. A Message of the Advance Treats

When your partner is having a rough day due to any reason, you can motivate him by sending him photos of the dress you will be wearing and his favorite meal that you are going to cook for him for dinner. It is just your manner of showing that you motivate him when he is feeling depressed.

2. Make his Favorite Meal

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This sounds strange, but it is the unique romantic gestures for him. Hence, making his favorite meal is the best way to win his love.

3. Getting a bit Handsy

Getting a bit Handsy

This is not about a massage or sex, but just touching and showing physical warmth in your every day’s events. Playing footsie on the couch and holding hands while walking are some powerful romantic gestures that can remind him that you adore and appreciate his body.

4. Complementing him

Praise is vital in a romantic relationship, also for men. When your guy does something good, he certainly wants to hear about it from you. Just like women, men also like to hear their praise from their loved ones. Some of the best compliments that a woman can give to her guy are,

  • “I love the way you think”.
  • “You always know exactly what to say”.
  • “I love you just the way you are”.
  • “It’s amazing how hard you work”.

5. Telling him your Secret

Sometimes, telling your secret that nobody knows will make a deeper level of trust in him and your relationship.

6. Delight him with a Massage

Delight him with a Massage

A romantic and gentle massage is what your guy desires after having a restive day. Whenever he feels exhausted due to whatever reasons, make him feel comfortable and relaxed by giving a soothing body massage. This is a kind of romantic gestures that show him you care for him and simultaneously, fill more romance in the relationship.

7. Surprise your Partner with a meaningful Gift without any Reason

Giving gifts to someone is the way to express your feeling and emotions towards your loved ones. So, gifts play a vital role in infusing more romance in your relationship.

8. Give a Hug when he’s going to the Office

Just like women, men also love to be pampered and adored. Hence, do not forget to give your guy a deep hug at the time he is going to the office. This will make your relationship eternal. This romantic gesture will begin his day with a great happiness.

9. Wear his Favorite Dress

Wear his Favorite Dress

Every man wants to see his wife or girlfriend in some specific style or outfit. So, wearing you guy’s favorite color can make him feel special.                                                                                                                                

10. Show your Love while Watching a Movie Together

Watching a romantic movie together is a way to spend your precious time with your loved-one. Giving hugs and kisses to your man during movie make it more romantic and memorable.

11. Involve yourself in his Hobbies

Participate in his hobbies is the great way to show your love to your guy. Play his favorite game with him, go for a bike ride are some of the ways to involve yourself in his hobbies. This gesture helps to make your relation strong.

12. Touch your man’s Face after you Kiss

Touch your man's Face after you Kiss

Touching his face and look in his eyes for a moment after the kiss is a gesture of love and admiration. This is one of the romantic gestures that will melt his heart if you do it occasionally.

13. Give him a Love Note or send him a Love Message

Put a love note in his pocket or sending him a loving message through text is a simple but a beautifully romantic gesture. This is a great way to say ‘I love you’ to your guy.

14. Keep your partner Comfortable

You should need to be truthful about your needs and feelings. This will make your guy more comfortable coming forward with your expectations in the relationship.

15. Tag him in a Love or Funny Meme

Tag your husband or boyfriend in a funny or love theme that you saw on Facebook or Instagram that remind you of him. This is a great way to convey your love to your guy.

16. Show your feelings and Love in front of others

Showing your love and care about your partner in front of others, is one of the most romantic things. Kiss him, hug him, and hold his hand in front of others.

17. Invite him for a Long Drive or Romantic Movie

This is one of the romantic ways of spending some quality time with your guy. You should share most of your time with your guy watching a movie or walking along a romantic place.

18. Take part in his Hobbies

This gesture helps you to spend more time with your guy. Help him play some games and watch his favorite sports and enjoy the whole process. Take a morning walk together and take an interest in most of his hobbies.

19. Give him a Gift

Generally, everyone loves to get presents. Most persons only get gifts on their special occasions. Surprise him with a special present without any reason at all. When he asks about it, say it is “only because I truly love you”. This special romantic gesture really makes him feel special.

20. Plan a Picnic with him on Weekends

Get ready a picnic bag with his favorite meal and take him on a special romantic place for a picnic. This is really much romantic gestures for him.

21. Arrange the Candlelight Dinner

All you need to do is to put on some romantic music, switch off the lights and serve him a loving candlelight dinner to make a memorable night filled with passion and love. This is one of the most passionate and romantic gestures for your guy.

22. Buy him Flowers or Rose Petals

You can bring any aromatic plant or flowers for him to relieve his stress. Rose is the quintessential flower of romance. Shower love upon him with rose petals.

23. Cuddle him in Bed

Cuddle him in Bed

Like women, men also love to be cuddled and adored. Sometimes, they also love to wrap in your arms as he sleeps. So, do this favor and cuddle him in bed.

Also, remember to give him a tight hug and say “I will miss you” when he is going to the office. This romantic gesture will begin his day positively and happily. This will also help you make your relationship stronger and unbreakable.

24. Serve a Romantic Breakfast in bed to woo your Partner

Surprising your guy with breakfast in bed makes your guy fall in love with you, once again. Serving a breakfast in bed is certainly the best idea to make him feel special.

25. Pamper him when he Falls Sick

Indubitably, you cannot see your partner low and sad. So, you should adore and pamper him to make him feel relaxed and calm. Also, you should do all that little things that make him feel better and happy. Showing your love and care for him will relieve all his tension.

26. Flirting with your Guy in the Presence of others

This is one of the adorable gestures that can increase the romance and love of your relationship. This romantic gesture will indicate how you still love him from the bottom of your heart.

27. Remember things your Guy tells you

Do not forget that things your partner tells you. Listen politely to his concerns, desires and needs. This will increase the level of respect and trust in your bond so that it can grow and thrive.

28. Plan a Romantic Vacation

The idea of romantic vacation really helps you to bring romance back into your lives. It will produce many new memories and make your relationship more exciting and full of romance.

29. Surprise him with Romantic Night

Surprise your partner with a cc with candles and rose petals on bed. You can also wrap a gift for him to add a special touch to your surprise. Charming fragrances and dimmer lights incite romantic feels. So, light up the aromatic candles to create the romantic environment.

30. Appreciating what he does for You

Everyone loves the appreciation, mainly if you tell them honestly. Compliment your guy as it is really nice to be appreciated by your lover.

Hence, all the above unique romantic gestures help to make your guy feel respected and loved and make your relationship stronger. Ensure you don’t hide your feelings and emotions from your partner to make him feel special.

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