Eyelash Tinting- Why Girls are Talking about it?

Adding a little bit of drama to the looks is quite interesting and attractive. Blue, green, purple, and red rocks when it comes to hair coloring. I keep on changing my looks over time.

Eyes are the glamorous part of one’s beauty. Are you agree with me at this point? Playing with the looks of eyes is another exhilarating task for all the girls. 

Recently, I am having a crush for eyelash tinting. You may say me crazy. But, honestly, it’s a good way to break the monotony. When I first saw a girl who had tinted her eyelashes in a light color, I couldn’t take off my eyes from her. It looked trendy and appealing.

I think your curiosity rose to a higher level.

Let us work together on this to calm your curiosity…

What is eyelash tinting?

What is eyelash tinting

Eyelash tint is the best alternative to mascara and eyelash extensions. Applying and removing mascara as well as false eyelashes could be troublesome, therefore tints are the options for such situations.

An eyelash tinting can be defined as using a special dye/color to redefine your eyelashes. It works for many weeks and you can go for any party or in regular with dark and full lashes without the assistance of mascara. The process is very simple and it does not much of your time, hardly 15 minutes. Just visit the salon and relax. Everything will be taken care of. It’s a painless procedure.

What is the process of applying eyelash tint?

  • First and foremost, get your eyes thoroughly cleaned and dry.
  • Then, apply Vaseline around the eyes to protect it from the dye.
  • With the help of the wand, the dye is applied to the eyelashes.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes and then clean it with warm water and cotton buds.
  • Make sure that you are going harsh with your eyes, do it smoothly.

Is eyelash tinting worth it?

As I explained above, eyelash tint is an affordable and best way to grow your eyelash thicker without the usage of expensive false eyelashes. If you are a person who regularly gets their brows shaped and tinted, then adding a lash tint to your routine is truly worthy in terms of both your budget and time. Whether price, quality or time, in every manner this is a perfect and safe procedure.

You will love it and will always make it your first choice.

Is eyelash tinting safe?

Whenever we are going to try something on our face, we ought to be very protective to avoid any side-effects. And, this is very important because girls can never compromise with their looks.

Am I right girls?

Yeah!… So, if you are worrying about eyelash tinting, then heave a sigh of relief… You are safe with its usage. Just need to take care that you must visit professional service providers. Secondly, look for the original products only i.e. FDA approved.

How long does eyelash tinting last?

According to me, it lasts for some weeks, probably 3-6 weeks depending upon your care girls like what kind of cosmetics you use such as cleanser, face wash, etc. and how often you touch or wash your face. It is recommended that the lesser you avoid water to your eyes, the better it is.

I know it is hard to stay away from water for a long time. As an alternative, you can opt for face wipes to clean the face and Q-tips to remove eye makeup without touching eyelashes.

Does eyelash tinting work on Dark eyelashes?

It doesn’t matter whether you have light eyelashes or dark eyelashes, eyelash tint works in both conditions.

For light eyelashes, it works great as you can see notable changes after the application.

light eyelashes

For dark eyelashes, it also works commendably as some lighter spots get covered with it and appear more dense and longer.

dark eyelashes

Eyelash tinting before and after

Eyelash tinting before and after

Before lash tinting, your eyelashes may appear as without volume or color. It is obvious that if you are adding color to anything, it makes a huge difference. That may be unattractive, dull, and not so dense before tinting while after applying the coat of any dye to your eyelashes, you can see a notice a major change.

With single application only, your eyelashes appear long, dark, dramatic, and thick. You don’t need to add extra mascara or false eyelashes after its application as this is enough to enhance the look of your eyes.

Where to get eyelashes tinted?

professional Eyelash tinting

You might be wondering as to where one should get eyelash tinting. Well, I would prefer to go for a well-experienced and professional salon who masters in tinting eyelashes. The chances of getting side -effects are pretty much lower. Your safety is in your hands whether you want an expert or the one who has just started with it.

Sometimes, salon specialists use hair color dye to tint the eyelashes. Therefore, choose the professional wisely and ask them about their experience, about dye, and the procedure. Asking such questions will show that you have extensive knowledge about it.

If you are not comfortable going to the salon and getting things done with their help, then you can also do it on your own but with proper care. You can take the help of anyone, it’ll good for you.

Benefits of eyelash tinting

There are a couple of benefits of eyelash tinting. Firstly, for those who are busy in their personal and professional lives and have no time for applying mascara or false lashes, are benefitted the most. Eyelash tinting can give relief to them as there is no need to use any other cosmetic to make eyelashes look longer.

Secondly, those who have pale skin can see a drastic change in their looks after using this technique. Pale complexion girls have light and delicate eyelashes that hide their eyes and make them appear smaller. So, eyelash tinting may prove as a boon for them since it adds definition and volume to the eyelashes which further help in improving the overall looks.

What about Permanent eyelash tint?

When it comes to permanent eyelash tinting, I would say that vegetable-based dye is a good option. It lasts for a longer duration. Any permanent eyelash tint can works for up to 6 weeks if proper care is given.

Precautions while going for lash tinting

  • Remove contact lens before applying dye to your lashes.
  • Place a towel on your neck or clothes, so that these can be prevented from staining.
  • Apply any moisture or Vaseline under the eyelashes to prevent staining on the skin.
  • Never open your eyes while applying dye as it may persist irritation.
  • Never opt for hair dye as your eyelash dye, it may cause severe damage to the eye.
  • If any allergic reaction appears while dying, consult a doctor or dermatologist quickly.

I think this is enough to know about eyelash tinting. Isn’t it?

What!… Are you looking for some more stuff?

Ok, let me give you a bonus as well…

[Bonus Section] Some Natural ways that makes Eyelashes Grow Faster

Vitamin E

vitamin E

If you have never tried this, I would strongly recommend this. Just take an old mascara brush and pour some drops of vitamin E and brush your eyelashes for 5 minutes. For better results, do it twice a day. Vitamin E is very good at stimulating hair growth.

Use of oils

oils for eyelashes

Take a brush and pour any oil like castor oil, coconut oil, or olive oil that keeps eyelashes healthy by providing nutrients and apply it before going to sleep.

Petroleum jelly

Applying petroleum jelly

Applying petroleum jelly directly on the eyelashes and massaging for a couple of minutes is a good way to nourish the eyelashes. For effective results, keep it for the whole night and wash your face in the morning.

Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Include more proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids in your diet as they help in the growth of hairs and eyelashes.

Green Tea

green tea

This is very simple and easily available at our home. Make a cup of green tea and let it cool. Then, apply it with cotton twice a day on your eyelashes. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Aloe vera

fresh aloe vera

Apply fresh aloe vera juice either directly or by mixing it in castor oil to your eyelashes and leave it overnight. Aloe is good for hair strengthening.


massaging eyelashes

Massaging eyelids and eyelashes for at least 5 minutes is also very useful in improving the blood circulation around eyes which further helps in eyelash growth. Do it with the help of recommended oil for better results.


Eggs are effective in the growth of eyelashes. Mix one egg with one spoon of glycerin and apply it on the eyelashes. Repeat it 3 times a week till you get the desired results.

My doctor says that treatment can be effective under three conditions. Your doctor has set the right diagnosis, you’ve bought quality medications, and the final one – you follow your doctor’s prescriptions. I have never had problems with the first and the last points. Recently, I completed the third condition by buying from https://www.lafayetteindental.com/buying-prednisone/. So happy!

All the above ways are effective in the growth of eyelashes if done properly.

Girls… What are you waiting for!

Stand up and start with these tips and to grow your lashes and get tinted in dyes to avoid any future mess with mascara.

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