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Natural Nails – How to Form the Perfect Acrylic Nail Shape?

Much like a gentleman’s boots, well-maintained fingernails are the identity of a refined lady. Do you wish to get that oh-so-good natural nail but fear their painful maintenance? Surprise! Acrylic nails are here to make your wish come true! Now you can flaunt your realistic nails every day without worrying about damaging them at all.

Although acrylic nails are somewhat durable and tolerant, they need some shaping and maintenance to appear lifelike even more. Do you want to know how to form the perfect acrylic nail shape and care for them in a better way? Let’s get down below and learn these must-know facts about natural acrylic nails.

How to Make Acrylic Nails Look Natural?

Acrylic Nails Look Natural

It’s an art to make your acrylic nails look flawlessly natural. You need to practice and more practice to master the art and carry acrylic nails like a boss! To begin with, you can follow the below methods to get the perfect natural-looking acrylic nails.

1. Get your Natural Nails Ready

If you wish to achieve the desired acrylic nail appearance, you have to begin preparing your natural nails correctly. You need to follow the below steps and start getting professional in preparing your natural-looking nails.

  • Wash your hands with antiseptic soaps and remove any artificial chemicals from the nails.
  • Clean the acrylic nails with acetone-based removers before applying them to your natural nails.
  • Cut the acrylic nails in shape and file them properly.
  • Treat your cuticles with appropriate cream or oils and push them back to make your nails appear longer.
  • Now, buff your nails well and clean them to remove dust particles.
  • Apply acetone-based remover to dehydrate your nails, increasing their longevity.
  • Use a nail-base coating to prevent your nails from artificial treatment.

2. Select Nail Color Wisely

Select Nail Color Wisely

Nail color plays a crucial role in resembling acrylic nails like natural ones. You can achieve the closest natural look by applying nude nail paint, followed by going for a French manicure. After all, natural nails and spa are the best duos with outshining results.

3. Thin Nail Paint Layer Works Best

Don’t chap your nails with thick paint layers and repetitive application. It will make your nails appear unnatural. Instead, apply a thin layer of paint on your acrylic nails and look highly realistic.

4. Cut the Acrylic Nails to the Natural Line

Cutting the acrylic nails to the natural nail-line makes them appear like growing from your cuticles. So, avoid extending your nails beyond the natural length and illusion others effortlessly.

How to Form the Perfect Acrylic Nail Shape?

Getting the perfect shape for acrylic nails is a dream for many. However, you won’t visit a nail parlor to get natural nails look every time, will you? You can get the best acrylic nails even at home! Here is an ultimate guide on shaping your acrylic nails like the pro.

1. Shorten and Thin Down your Nails

  • Cut your nails lengthwise using a nail-cutter. And thin them down by using a file in circular motions.
  • Use a mild-grit file to smoothen the nail edges and refine them.

2. Give Your Nails the Ideal Shape

  • Square Nails
Square Nails

If you are a beginner, you can go with the square nails. All you need to get a square acrylic is to file the edges horizontally. Keep doing the same until they become square ideally.

  • Coffin Nails
Coffin nails

Coffin nails are an extension of square-shaped nails. To mimic a coffin shape in your acrylic nails, begin by squaring them. Now, you can point the edges inwards by filing them gently and buffing them afterward.

  • Oval Nails
oval nails

Cut your nails short and file the edges using an arc-like motion. Keep shaping the acrylics until they become an arc on the outer edges.

  • Stiletto Nails
Stiletto Nails

Go bold with the worth-craving stiletto-shaped acrylic nails. File your nail edges towards the center to get a pointed shape. Now, buff the pointed part to avoid the sharpness to some extent.

How to Grow Long Natural Nails?

Not everyone admires acrylic nails. Some of them prefer lengthening their natural nails and retaining their quality. If you are such a person, then you should consider the following remedies to grow long natural nails.

  • Use Premium Cuticle Oils
Use Premium Cuticle Oils

Caring for the root will produce long plants. Much like the herbs, if you treat the cuticles well, you will get long and healthy natural nails. Use rich cuticle oils and follow a regime to propel your natural nail-growth.

  • Consume More Vitamin B9
Consume More Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 fuels up your natural nail growth and fosters faster cell division. So, hiking up your vitamin B9 intake will reflect in your healthy natural nails.

  • Get More Biotin Supply
Biotin rich food

If your natural nails are prone to breakage, then you might be having a deficiency of biotin in the body. To get firm and unbreakable nails, you need to consume biotin-rich food items adequately.

  • Select a Gentle Nail-File
Gentle Nail-File

Sometimes, you can witness increased nail chapping due to the usage of a harsh nail file. Remain on the safer side and select gentle files only for your natural nails.

How to Care For Natural Nails?

Did you ever wonder how to make natural nails look good? Well, nail care is the answer to get the attractive hands that everyone admires. Below are the tips to care for your natural nails efficiently.

  • Keep your fingertips and hands clean.
  • Don’t use a harsh nail-file.
  • Keep a nail file and cutter near your reach every time.
  • Always cut your nails to a generous length.
  • Clean your nail tools regularly.
  • Use harmless products on your nails.
  • Treat your cuticles well with creams and oils.
  • Apply a base coat to prevent your nails from damages.

How to Apply Gel Polish On Natural Nails?

How to Apply Gel Polish

Now that you know about maintaining your natural nails, it’s time to adorn them by applying gel polishes. But, how do you apply gel polish on natural nails in the best way? Here is the best method to do so.

  • Treat your natural nails with the protective base coat initially.
  • Apply the first layer of natural nail polish from the roots to the free edges of your nails.
  • Dry the coat under a LED bulb for some time.
  • Now, apply the second gel polish coat and get it dried under the LED bulb.
  • Apply a topcoat to prevent the gel polish from damaging and again dry it.
  • Finally, massage the outer-skin using rich oil and creams.

How to Remove Gel Polish On Natural Nails?

How to Remove Gel Polish

Do you know that removing gel polish is a bit tricky? However, if you know the following steps, you can extract-out the polish from your nails effortlessly.

  • Soak a cotton ball in acetone-based remover.
  • Keep the cotton ball on your nails for some time, wrapped in a foil securely, until they absorb the polish entirely.
  •  If the natural nails color doesn’t come off even now, then keep the ball on your nails for some more time.
  • Finally, massage your nails with enriched creams and oils to hydrate them at the end.

What Are Some Natural Nail Care Tips and Tricks?

In the end, you must be intrigued to know about the natural nail care tips and tricks that can change your life. So, here are some crucial nail tactics for all ladies out there.

  • Keep your nail inners clean all the time.
  • Wash your hands with soap and maintain a hygienic regime.
  • Use moisturizers and creams on the nails and cuticles.
  • Include biotin-ch and vitamin B9-rich meals in your diet.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and tools on your nails.

You now know everything about acrylic and natural nails.  Attractive nails are easy to get when you care for them consistently. Invest in your nails from time to time, and access the perfect celebrity nails in a short span.

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