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Mental health disorder in humans leads to psychological problems. Sometimes you experience such mental conditions that affect your mood. The psychological issues also affect thinking ability and your social behaviour—some mental illness results in depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and behavioural changes.  Mental illness causes problems in daily life, such as an office or academics, or relations. There is the best psychiatrist in India to deal with psychological issues and other mental disorders.

Different mental disorder

Effects of the different mental disorders vary, and you can find some of them below:


A global survey reveals that 264 million people are affected by depression. Depression is one of the causes of disability. Depression occurs due to sadness, lack of pleasure, self-guilt, lack of sleep, and interest loss. Depression affects mentally as well as physically. Depression may be a temporary or long-lasting disorder. Depression impairs the ability to work or function in regular life.

Depression is a very severe disorder that degenerates a person from the inside and decreases confidence. There are several programs to cope with depression and anxiety. In the early stages, depression is treated with talking therapies. An expert sits with the patient and talks politely and effectively to reach the cause of depression.

One of the therapy is cognitive behaviour therapy. Antidepressants can be an effective way of treatment in case of mild depression. Depression is manageable by pointing out stress factors such as financial worries, physical and mental abuse. The causes of stress and depression require proper treatment to help you live a better life.

Manic episodes

Manic episodes are bipolar disorders that involve overreaction, irritable behaviour, increasing self-esteem, and a decrease in sleep. People having panic attacks may not experience a depressive episode of bipolar disorder. Effective medications are provided to control bipolar disorder.

Depressive episodes

During this episode, a person experiences a depressed mood and loss of interest in extracurricular activities. This episode also involves recurrent thoughts of death, tiredness, and feeling of self-guilt.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

This disorder occurs due to a traumatic event in life. The typical examples are physical and sexual assault or the sudden death of loved ones. People having thoughts about previous events are emotionally disturbed. PTSD affects mainly children and women. For children, the impact is greater as their mind adapts to things much faster and it is retained for longer in their memory.

Women also tend to remember heart-wrenching events. You can consider the best psychiatrist in India to treat the disorder. A top psychiatrist in India is the best option to consider when dealing with mental illnesses.


Approximately 50 million people around the world have dementia. Dementia leads to a continuous decline in the ability to process thoughts. The cognitive function is displaced and affected in dementia. Dementia affects several factors such as losing memory, assuming knowledge, calculation, and new things’ learning ability.

The cause of dementia is expected, such as injuries affecting the brain and nervous system, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. The treatment for dementia is under research and will be in the facility after clinical trials.


Many factors cause mental illness, such as genetic factors and environmental factors. Below are a few of them.

Inherited traits

According to the research and neurologists, mental illness occurs in those whose blood relative has a mental illness before. The traits inherited from parents can have such a gene, which increases the risk factor of mental illness.

Chemistry of brain

Neurotransmitters present in the body circulate the message from the brain to the other parts of the body.  When the network of neurons is damaged or weakened, it results in depression and anxiety.

Prevention is better than cure.

Mental illness is a very severe condition. The mental stress can be decreased and controlled by the following steps.

Understanding warning signs

If you are experiencing any of the above disorders, do not ignore them.  Consult with the therapist and doctor to control the progression of the disease.

Medical care

Taking regular medications and checkups may keep you up to date about your condition. If you experience the disorder intermittently, it is better to consult your caretaker for better treatment.

Parting thoughts

The mental illness is very severe. Mostly the people who are young experience mental illness. The financial and career worries for ordinary and middle-class people are increasing. Mental illness sometimes may lead to suicidal thoughts. A healthy routine and environment are essential for coping with mental illness.

Social support by the family is necessary to tackle the mental disorder. If you keep calling a person as mental, his receptors will perceive that he is mental. A person may react more violently than before.

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