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The 6 Skin-Enhancing Effects Of Rubbing Ice On Your Face

30-Second Summary

  • Some studies show how ice helps to reduce sore muscles, reduce pain in injured tissues, and how it is great for soothing muscles after workouts and getting rid of inflammation. 
  • Ice is beneficial for healing and soothing, it must also be good for the face, right? 
  • Whole-body cryotherapy was invented in 1978 to remedy joint pain and arthritis. Today, using freezing facial tools for just five minutes may increase blood flow by 25%. 
  • One dermatologist from a Delhi-based skincare clinic says that rubbing ice on your face can act like the best anti-wrinkle cream. 


Some people like the thought of masks to freshen up their skin, and some go for very expensive beauty treatments monthly to deal with problems with their skin, be it from acne to allergies to wrinkles and aging. 

You might not be able to afford cryotherapy, a treatment that makes use of cold temperatures to treat the face and the body. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, and Gigi Hadid book in for 3 minutes in the chamber to reap the rewards. But if you can’t afford that, well, there is simple, easy blocks-of-ice therapy.

Benefits That Ice Bring To Your Skin

  1. Heals the acne you might have and prevents further acne – Isn’t it amazing that simple mindfulness habits for skin and a natural solution like frozen water can heal acneand prevent it from coming back. It is the cooling properties of ice that calm and soothes inflamed skin. Ice also helps to minimize the pores. By doing that, there is a reduction in excess sebum production. This is why you see a good improvement in your acne in just a short space of time.
  1. Puffy eyes are reduced – You get puffy eyes for a few reasons; maybe from crying, from lack of sleep, eye strain, or sitting in front of the computer for a long time. If you rub an ice cube from the inner corners of your eye, going upwards towards the brow bone in a circular motion, it will help drain excess fluid from the area and help to make your eyes appear a lot less tired and more awake. You could even add a bit of black coffee to your ice cube to get fast results.
  1. Large pores can shrink – Perhaps your skin is oily, or you have combination skin. This might be the reason why you have large and visible pores on your face. But, bet you didn’t know that if you rub ice cubes each day over your face, you can solve this problem? Ice cubes help clear out the dirt and impurities in the pores, helping to keep them clean. Rubbing ice over your face can shrink the size of the pores and help them become smaller over time. 
  1. Makes you look fresh and glowing – The reason your skin might start to glow is that by using ice cubes, you are promoting blood circulation in your face. That means that there is an improved flow of oxygen and vitamins to your face. Those factors all produce beautiful glowing skin.  
  1. Rubbing ice over the face restricts dilated blood vessels that cause dark rings and puffiness. If you can’t bear the thought of using ice on your face but want to benefit from the same exciting benefits, there is Introstem. Check out the review – it might make you want to try it immediately.
  1. Makes your foundation last longer – Using ice on your face to make your foundation last longer is particularly helpful if the weather is hot and humid. Cleanse your skin, and then tone it with an astringent toner. Then after a couple of minutes, wrap an ice cube in some clean cloth and apply it to your skin for a couple of seconds. Apply your foundation and see how much longer it lasts!
  1. Ice cubes on the skin work as a primer – Makeup artists swear by this trick. Before applying makeup on their clients, they rub an ice cube all over the neck and face area. This works just like a natural primer because it helps to reduce the appearance of pores. It also tightens the skin and delivers a fresh healthy glow, acting like the best anti-wrinkle cream around. All these benefits ensure that the base makeup goes on smoothly for a longer-lasting finish.

Facial Skin Supplement

If you want to try a fantastic ingredient that will work better for your skin and be much easier to apply, you may check out the Introstem moisturizer. It may improve the moisture in your skin and fight to age. It’s got vitamin C serum in it to reduce any puffiness in your face and protect it from aging. It’s even got green tea extract in it, which is so healthy for the skin.

Note, if the iciness of the ice cube is too much to handle, cover it in a thin cotton cloth to massage it over your face.


We all do our best to achieve an enviable complexion. We dream of a face that is capable of launching a thousand ships. These days, with sun exposure, unhealthy eating habits, air pollution, and stress, all our efforts seem to be in vain, causing our skin to be dull and problematic. But there are natural solutions and mindfulness habits for skin that can solve some problems that other people are prepared to pay a fortune for.

Ice has become a very popular remedy among beauticians. This age-old technique of icing the skin has proven to eliminate redness, puffiness, and inflammation and boost circulation to the skin. Whether you want to keep your skin cool or want your makeup to last longer on hot summer days, an ice cube will help you out! It is an effective, inexpensive way to keep your skin radiant and healthy.







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