Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants – Give you Perfect Sculpted Cheeks

Fuller cheeks are a symbol of beauty and youth, but as age increases the face fat decreases gradually, causing the saggy and thin cheeks. The sculpted cheeks looks can be achieved by both surgical and non-surgical treatment that mainly focus on restoring volume, plumpness and definition.

The aim of cheek augmentation is to enhance or add volume to the cheeks. Some persons are bothered by their cheeks losing fat with age. Some are bothered by thin or flat cheeks. Cheek implants or fat grafting/transfer are the surgical options for enhancing and augmenting the cheeks. The use of the injectable fillers to enhancing the facial fat is a non-surgical cheek augmentation.

Cheek implants are indicated for two different groups: young and older persons. Young persons with deficient facial fat development may also require a reduction of the nose. These patients also need a lower facelift.

Facial implants are the plastic surgery techniques to help you get the attractive facial structure by augmenting your features. Some popular kinds of facial implants are

  • Jaw Implants
  • Chin Implants
  • Safe Facial Contouring
  • Cheek Implants

Loss of facial volume or fat is one of the common side-effects of ageing. Cheek implants are a type of cosmetic surgery to enhance the cheeks and add fat to thin areas of the face. The goal of this procedure is to give a more balanced look to your face. Cheek augmentation is an effective option for persons with flat or narrow face, or for those persons who have lost cheeks shape because of ageing, facial trauma or congenital deficiency. Cheek augmentation comes in various shapes and sizes, and also as per your requirement to augment thin or flat facial structure and prevent the aging effect.

Loss of facial volume

Cheek implants can balance your facial structure or make your facial appearance more youthful and make your face more attractive.

Types of Cheek implants

Earlier, cheek implants or augmentation was used for reconstruction of face due to birth defects and injury caused by trauma or accidents. Cosmetic surgeons take various safety precautions during implants and various synthetic material (very rigid to flexible) are used in cheek enhancement.

Hydroxyapatite, used during cheek implantation integrates with the facial tissue and hence, become part of the face structure. On the other hand, cheek implants with silicone can be removed later, because they don’t integrate with the bone tissue of the face.

Complications and risk involvement during cheek implants

Although, there are almost negligible complications during this surgery, but still there are some risks involved. There is also a risk of infection after the surgery, which is generally curable with anti-biotics. Some common risks associated with this surgery process including:

  • Severe swelling,
  • Formation of blood clots,
  • Nerves sensation,
  • Postoperative bleeding, and
  • Infection
  • Transient weakness of nerves

Sometimes, wrong placement of the cheek augmentation may result in implants shifting and hence, causing asymmetry in the facial structure. Then, it may be required to correct this through second surgery. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the best and qualified cosmetic surgeon in this process.

Does your face require Cheek Implants?

cheek augmentation

If you have a non-pronounced or flat cheeks by birth or you have lost fat or shape in your cheeks due to ageing effects, then you are among the persons who require cheek augmentation surgery. Also, you have the non-surgical option like dermal fillers to enhance your cheeks.

Persons who have, i) cheeks that lack shape, ii) wrinkles on the cheeks, iii) under-eye bags iv) hollows in the cheeks and v) deflated and flat looking cheeks, should consider for cheek augmentation.

Three common shapes of cheek augmentation

Cosmetic surgeons use a solid silicone implant to lift natural facial bone tissues. This silicone implant is easily placed in the facial tissue and can be easily changed or removed without any kind of difficulties. Various kinds of shapes and sizes are available to construct the best shape.

Combined – A combined cheek implant enhance the cheeks and the cheekbones.

Malar – These cheek implants are placed directly on the facial bones to provide fuller cheeks.

Submalar – A submalar implants provide balanced look, sunken appearance and fuller cheeks.

Some implants integrate with the facial tissue and become part of it, as some implants (like silicone implants) can be removed later. This type of implant is ideal for people who want to increase more volume, enhance fullness and produce a lifting effect.

Cheek implants are effective and permanent solution to enhance the facial fats that have gone thin with the age.

Some questions you should ask before cheek implants

Here are some of the top questions you should ask your cosmetic surgeon about injecting fat:

  • From where the fat will be taken that is to be changed? And where will it be injected?
  • Will only fat injections enough for getting perfect shape and size? Does your doctor have any other suggestions?
  • How many treatments are required to attain the desired effect?
  • What kind of recovery will be needed?

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