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Beautiful Lips: A Complete Guide to Lip Care and Pretty Lips

In today’s world, everyone woman wants to flaunt pink and soft lips. The most beautiful lips make your smile more beautiful. Gorgeous lips are the facial attribute that can make your face more pretty. But, when your lips become dark and pigmented, it takes away your beautiful face and smile. If you are wondering how to get beautiful lips, then below are various solutions for all kinds of lip problems.

What you should know about your Lips?

Lips are softer part of the body and is different from the other parts of your body as it is more delicate and thinner. Facial skin can be thick up to 16 cell layers, whereas the lip skin is only 3-5 layers thick. Your blood vessels are more apparent on your lips, giving them red or pink color.

Your lips have prints that are unique to you, just like your fingerprints.

The collagen that contains in your face, is the reason for your face’s plumpness. As you become older, your body produces less amount of this protein and your lips’ size decrease slowly. UV rays are also another factor that is responsible for thinning your lips. Lips are incredibly sensitive to touch, heat, cold, etc. Also, your lips tend to dry quickly as they are more vulnerable to wind, cold and sun. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your from the external aggressions (sun, wind and cold) by using a UV protected lip balm.

What are the most Common Lip Problems?

common lip problems

As your lips are more delicate and softer, they can easily split and crack under certain conditions. Lips inflammation (called Cheilitis), lip sores, chapped lips, lip swelling, lip dryness, etc. are the most common lip problems.

The problems of Lip Sores occur due to the various reasons like dietary changes, trauma, menstruation, and sun exposure. It may also produce as a symptom of other diseases.

Cheilitis:Cheilitis (Inflammation of the lips) makes your lips scaly, cracked, red, irritated and painful. Normally, inflammation and irritation include the lips and the nasolabial folds (the skin folds at the mouth’s corners). Deficiency of iron or vitamin B2 in the diet is the common cause of this lip inflammation.

Angular Cheilitis: Angular Cheilitis is a small or severe inflammatory situation (such as painful, swollen and cracked lips) that happens on the corners of lips. Other problems like allergies, deficiency of nutrients, irritation and infections are associated with angular cheilitis. The main causes of this disease include nutritional deficiencies (such as Lack of iron, zinc and vitamin B2) and metabolic diseases. You should consult with your doctor in case if the condition becomes severe and incurable. The doctor will prescribe an antifungal cream to apply on your swollen or cracked lips for quick results. Also, you can apply lip balm with SPF, coconut oil or petroleum jelly if the condition is not severe.

Chapped Lips: Chapped Lips mean highly cracked and dry lips. One can easily diagnose the symptoms of chapped lips conditions. Swelling, bleeding, itching, flaking, cracking and dryness are some symptoms of chapped lips. Because of the absence of oil glands in the skin of the lips, it needs to moisturize whenever get dried. Below are some factors which cause chapped lips:-

  • Malnourishment
  • Too much licking
  • Frequent sun exposure
  • Humidity
  • Dehydration (lack of water in the body)

Chapped lips problem is not a serious kind of ailment and easily curable. Below are some methods of self-treatment to prevent chapped lips.

  • Do not lick your lips too much.
  • Breathe through your nose.
  • Leave a thin cucumber piece over your lips for 5 minutes.
  • Apply sunscreen to prevent chapped, burned lips.
  • Use almond oil or petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

What are the Best Natural Lip Care Tips?

You can treat your dry lips naturally by using some common home ingredients. These natural ingredients are much beneficial to maintain lips healthy.

Exfoliate gently by sugar and honey mixture: For exfoliating, sugar is the best natural home ingredient. Ensure that you mix it with honey or moisturizing oil such as olive or jojoba oil, so that it is not too harsh on the skin of the lips.

Papaya and honey: Papaya and honey mixture is also the other way to exfoliate as these are a great source of enzymes, making the lip more moisturized and softer.

Aloe vera and Vitamin E: With the natural anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera, it is beneficial in curing severe conditions of lip problems like angular cheilitis and chapped lips.

Natural oils as moisturization: Instead of using too many artificial petroleum jelly or lip balm, you can use various natural oil directly on your lips to make them moisturize. Sunflower oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and hemp seed oil are some natural oils that you can use on lips to get beautiful lips.

Tomato Paste: Tomato is a strong antioxidant and contains vitamin c that helps in lip rejuvenation and protects skin cells from damaging. You need to apply the paste on your lips and then leave on for 15 minutes and wash your lips to get moisturized and beautiful lips.

How to get rid of Dark Lips?

dark lips

Most of the persons suddenly realize that their lips are losing their natural color and are turning darker gradually. If it is not genetic, many causes like lifestyle, dietary and health factors are responsible for your dark lips. Smoking, chemicals used in cosmetics, vitamin deficiency can make lip discoloration. You have to eat lots of vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C and maintain a healthy diet help in curing dark lips. Some natural remedies to prevent dark lips are as follow.

  • Apply mixture rose water and honey on your lips. You can also mix butter or milk cream in place of honey and apply the mixture directly on the lips two or three times a day for better results.
  • Dark appearance is also due to damaged and dry lips, therefore you should use best lip balm (with ingredients such as cocoa butter or Shea butter) to moisturize.
  • Almond oil is one of the top oils that recover the appearance and health of the skin.
  • Smoking, age factor, exposure to sunlight and caffeine intake are the main reason of darkening of lips and lip pigmentation. So, you should use UV protected lip balm with SPF 20.

What are some Natural ways to get Pink Lips?

natural lip care

Lemon Juice: Lemon is a bleaching agent and is one of the best ways to get pink and beautiful lips naturally. Apply fresh lemon juice on the lips and scrub them smoothly. You should apply this every night before sleep for best result.

Sugar and Butter: Exfoliate lips with sugar and butter mixture also helps to get rid of damaged and dead skin cells. Use a thick paste of 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of butter twice a week to get pink and beautiful lips.

Beet Root: The deep purple color of beet-root helps lighten and cleanse lips. You should use beet-root juice on the lips for beneficial results.

Rose Water: Rose water has many skin healing properties which help in softening and moisturizing your dry lips. Put one or two drops of rose water in a teaspoon of honey and use this on your lips to get beautiful lips naturally. Rose petal paste can also mix with one teaspoon of milk cream, honey or butter and try the paste on the lips twice a day to get beautiful lips.

How to get Smooth Lips?

smooth lips

There are no hard solutions to get smooth and beautiful lips, sometimes you just have to do is stop licking your lips and drink lots of water. Scrub your lips with a soft brush is also an effective way to get smooth lips.

In winter or cold weather, you should protect your lips by covering your mouth with a cotton cloth or scarf. You can also use petroleum jelly or lip balm instead of wearing scarves.

An easy DIY mixture of sugar and olive oil or coconut oil should be used once a week to get smooth lips.

Special Makeup tips for different Shapes of Lips

different Shapes of Lips

The lips are one of the facial features that should need to have a correct makeup to beautify your looks. There are various kinds of lip makeup according to the shapes and sizes of lips. You have to recognize the shape of your lips and then do the righteous style to get the beautiful looks. Here is special makeup tips for different shapes of lips that help look gorgeous.

Small Lips

small lips

Pouting does not look good on small lips, but with the help of some makeup type like frosty, glossy and shimmering you can plump your lips and pout to kill. Use dark colors lip makeup that makes your lips plump and fuller

Broad Lips

Broad lips

Broad lips can lower your beauty if you do not choose perfect lip shade or lipstick. Light or soft colors make your lips appear soft and even.

Thin Lips

thin lips

To make thin lips prominent, you should go for makeup that give extra dimension and more space to your lips. Apply lip curving to make lips look thick and fuller.

Flat Lips

flat lips

You have to select soft lip color for these kind of lips as flat lips lack depth and dimension. Softer color will make flat lips look flatter. Also, you should use liner little outside the natural lip line.

Uneven Lips

Uneven lips

For these types of lips, all you need to do is to get the specific shape with a lip liner.

Just follow all the above tips if you want to get beautiful lips naturally. Various kinds of lip conditions are discussed in this article which help you to get beautiful lips.

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