Burgundy Hair Color Tips

Burgundy Hair Color Tips for Short and Curly Hair

Curls make hair more interesting, and when combined with beautiful colors, they spice up your entire look. If you want to draw attention to your lush curls, dying them burgundy will give you the dramatic ‘do you need. Coloring your curls will give them that dash of uniqueness that makes your hair unforgettable.

Treat your short curls like royalty, whether they are permed or natural. You can color them completely or add color in small doses with interesting highlights. Burgundy is one of the lushest, noticeable hair colors out there, and one of the most suitable shades for short and curly hair.

If you’ve decided to cast some glow on your curls and give them a dash of burgundy, you should first learn everything you need to know about that particular shade. In this article, we will talk about coloring your short, curly hair burgundy, including how to get burgundy hair, what to expect, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Does Burgundy Hair Fade Quickly?

Does Burgundy Hair Fade Quickly

Every red hair dye fades faster than most other color shades. Whether you’re a natural redhead who only wants to enhance their curls with a burgundy shade, or you’ve never had red hair before, your new hair color has a big chance to fade over time. It’s always good to understand the science behind those lush burgundy locks to avoid disappointment.

The fading issue with red hair goes all the way to the molecular level, meaning red hair may fade quickly regardless of the brand you choose. The red dye molecule is bigger than other color molecules which is why it doesn’t penetrate your hair as deeply as other colors do. Since the molecules aren’t deep inside your strands, they wash out easier and quicker.

Even though it’s clearly inclined to fade, burgundy red hair dye is still one of the most stylish, unique ways to color your short and curly hair. Luckily, there are ways to help maintain the red pigment and prevent your color from fading too fast.

How to Reduce the Fading of Burgundy Hair

Fading of Burgundy Hair

Red hair shades may tend to be short-term, but there are things you can do to avoid that scenario.

Shampoo Less Often

If you want to maintain a lush burgundy color, you need to shampoo less often, or at least alternate shampoo days. Many people wash their hair during their daily showers, but burgundy locks won’t last long if you wash them every day. Color specialists suggest that you at least alternate the days of shampoo usage. They advise using shampoo one day, then use only a conditioner the next to preserve a rich shade for a longer time. Additionally, they suggest using cold water on those days when you do use shampoo to give your locks a healthy shine.

The best thing to do is to extend the length between washes as much as you can. Professionals suggest using dry shampoo for extending that time as much as possible. Many red hairs have tried the no poo technique and found it to be very rewarding. The technique is no science fiction, and it consists of swapping a shampoo for a mild conditioner. Washing your hair with conditioner only will cleanse your burgundy curls gently without washing out the entire dye from your strands. 

Less Contact with Water in the Summer

When it comes to summertime and various water activities, if you’re a redhead, you should follow the “less is more” concept. The less you put your hair in contact with water, the less color fading you will experience.

Chlorine in pools is devastating for your burgundy shade, and you should avoid exposing your hair to it as much as possible. A similar thing happens with the salt from the seas and oceans. It doesn’t mean you should avoid water altogether, or avoid diving in for a refreshing swim. Hair specialists recommend that you wet your hair with tap water and coat it with conditioner before entering a pool or ocean. Your color will act like a sponge, soaking in all the tap water so less chlorinated or salted water can get in. The conditioner creates a barrier, making it even more difficult for chlorine and salt to get in touch with your hair.

If you don’t have time to rinse and condition your hair before you enter the water, there is a quick and simple solution: wear a swim cap. It helps a lot in preserving your hair color, especially if you go for long swim laps.

Less Exposure to Heat

Taking it easy on the hair iron is probably the best thing you could do for your hair, regardless of its color. However, burgundy shades require more attention than other colors because, in addition to damaging your hair strands, heat will also hurt your color.

When it comes to hairstyling, you should use heat-based styling tools in moderation. The best scenario would be to avoid using hair strengtheners or hair curlers completely. Luckily, short curly hair doesn’t usually require heavy styling as much as long or medium hair does.

Redheads should avoid exposing their hair to the sun as much as possible and always use products designed for protecting hair from sun exposure. Professionals suggest wearing hats as often as possible when going out in the sun, especially during summer days.

Pamper Your Hair

Once you’ve found that perfect, lush burgundy shade that complements your short curls, make sure to use products specifically designed for colored hair. You may choose from a range of products specifically designed to protect and preserve your hair color. They cleanse it gently and help maintain the desired shade for as long as possible.

Always use a specialized shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, preferably from the same brand. Hair treatment masks help protect and illuminate burgundy hair, and the nourishing ingredients are much more concentrated than those inside a conditioner. Make sure to use a quality hair mask at least once per week.

Will Burgundy Cover Black Hair?

If your hair is naturally black, meaning it was never colored, you may use a burgundy dye with 30 volume developer to get a stunning shade. It won’t be “in your face,” but subtle and charming. Virgin (untreated) hair is always easier to dye than hair that’s been previously dyed.

If you put burgundy over previously dyed black hair, you will need to use a color remover before using the dye. Removing as much of the black as possible from your strands is necessary for achieving optimal results. If you try to put a burgundy dye on previously dyed black hair, all you can hope for is a warm cast when your hair is in the light. However, the level of depth will still be the same and your hair will remain black with a bearably noticeable burgundy shade. The basic rule in the color industry says color doesn’t lift the color, so decolorizing your black hair is a must if you want to dye it burgundy. Going in with an aggressive color over hair that’s already colored will also make your hair dull and dry.

If you have an extremely dark hair that’s been dyed black for years, getting a burgundy shade will not be as easy. However, we’re talking about short, curly hair, so it’s probably best to wait for your black dye to grow out. If you wait for your virgin hair to grow and dye it burgundy, you will get the best results possible.

For quick solutions, try using demi or semi-permanent hair colors like Manic Panic. They can give you a nice, vibrant shade without damaging your hair. The only problem is they won’t last for more than a couple of washes. 

What skin tone is best for Burgundy hair?

What skin tone is best for Burgundy hair

Everyone knows burgundy hair on dark skin looks incredible, but did you know you can rock burgundy hair regardless of your skin shade? There is a wide range of gorgeous burgundy colors suitable for different skin tones. At its base, burgundy is a reddish-brown color that got its name after the color of the wine from Burgundy, a region in France.

The many shades of burgundy include:

  • Cabernet is a deep color that’s a bit redder than classic burgundy
  • Merlot is a lighter, brighter variation of the famous shade 
  • Cranberry is burgundy with a dash of pink
  • Cordovan offers a shade that’s a little browner than most burgundy shades
  • Maroon is a perfect shade if you’re looking for a reddish-chestnut color
  • Claret is a reddish color with a slight dash of brown

All listed shades belong to the burgundy palette of hair colors. With so many variations suitable for so many skin tones, anyone can find their perfect shade of burgundy. Cool burgundy shades with lots of red and violet tones (Cranberry and Merlot, for example) look best on people with olive, pinkish or ebony skin tones. On the other hand, warm burgundy shades such as Cordovan or Claret are perfect for people with peachy and golden complexions.

Burgundy can be adjusted to fit any complexion – all you need is a good hair colorist who knows their craft.

How Do I Get my Dark Hair Burgundy?

Burgundy shades are not easy to achieve, especially if you aren’t a professional. It’s best not to try going burgundy at home. You have to prepare your hair carefully to get an even result, and you have to apply the color ever so carefully, too.

The most important thing is the formulation. It’s critical for achieving the right shade that complements your complexion. Hair color professionals usually mix several shades of burgundy to achieve the perfect shade for each client. They also use different shades on different hair parts to give the color some dimension and depth. There is little to no chance for you to do all of it on your own in your bathroom, so its best to leave it to professionals.

How do I make my hair naturally Burgundy?

naturally Burgundy

There are several ways to rock burgundy hair color. You can choose an allover dye, but you can also choose burgundy hair with highlights for a more natural look. You can even dye your virgin hair burgundy without damaging it if you use natural dying alternatives. One of the best ways of getting a lush burgundy shade is by using henna.

Henna helps you dye your hair burgundy without using any dangerous chemicals. The only trick is that it works best on light brown virgin hair. All you need is a henna powder, some water, and lemon juice to get that rich burgundy shade. Women have been dying their hair burgundy with henna for centuries.

Burgundy may be a tricky color to achieve, but if you do it right, you will dazzle everyone with a gorgeous shade that complements your skin tone perfectly.

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