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3 Alternatives to Wedding Rings

Traditions come and go, but when it comes to weddings, there is one act that has stood the test of time – until now. Wedding rings were historically given as a sign of the romantic and enduring union between two people. They served as an indication that a person was in a committed relationship and it was all but expected that the couple would wear them; however, the tide is changing.

A lot of people simply do not like wearing jewelry, whilst others find the tradition to be outdated and not reflective of their relationship. There is more awareness around the source of precious gems, not to mention the rising cost of living pricing a lot of people out of the market for grandiose metal bands.

Although more people are choosing to ditch the rings, most couples are still on board with commemorating their union with something else. Luckily, there are plenty of wedding ring alternatives for those seeking a different sign of commitment. Here are three of them.


Wedding ring tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a good option for those who want something on their ring finger but don’t want the hassle of cleaning the jewelry, taking it off every time they bath/sleep, or who simply don’t like the feel of jewelry on their fingers.

It’s common for couples to get each other’s initials tattooed, but there are other options. A very cute idea is to get your partner to say ‘I love you’, record the sound waves and get the sound wave pattern tattooed around your finger. Alternatively, the skyline of the city you met in works well, as does an infinity symbol or something completely personal to you as a couple. This might include a beach wave if you both love the sea or your favorite shared animal.

The only downside to tattoo wedding rings is that they are permanent – to an extent. They will require touching up over time so that they don’t fade or go patchy, but to a degree, it’s a very permanent gesture that will need removing or covering up if things go awry.

Engraved Bracelet

Some people don’t mind wearing jewelry, just not on their hands. This is especially the case for those who work manual jobs and can’t wear rings for health and safety or practical reasons. If a bracelet is an option, this is a great alternative to a traditional wedding ring. You can pick up leather bracelets/bands that do not move and that are engraved with your wedding date and partner’s name on them. They’re more practical, cheaper, and just as stylish.

A neutral shade of brown or black will go with every outfit, and you’re far less likely to lose something on your arm than on your hand.

Wallet Vows

Sometimes, any form of jewelry is just not practical on a day-to-day basis, or it just doesn’t suit the couple, and that’s totally okay! For a lot of people, their wedding vows are the most important thing to them, especially if they’ve come up with them and written them themselves. Rather than a wedding ring, why not get a copy of your spouse’s vows shrunk down to wallet size? That way, you can read the vows any time you want and always carry those words with you wherever you go.

If you don’t tend to use a wallet, you could get them engraved (albeit super small) on a keyring. This is a beautiful gesture that will last a lifetime and is just as sentimental as a traditional wedding ring is associated with being.


You could always consider a non-traditional ring if diamonds and glitz are not your vices. Realistically, the possibilities are endless! If you really don’t want to, there is no need for a gesture at all. It’s all about what works best and reflects you and your new spouse the most. Whatever you choose, may you live in wedded bliss for many years to come?

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to wedding rings, or will you be opting for one of these alternatives?

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