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Six Unique Ways to Propose to Your Significant Other

For around half the population, marriage is the ultimate show of love. Attitudes towards marriage are undeniably changing, with overall marriage rates decreasing and people getting married at later stages in their life. That being said, for a lot of people, getting married is the icing on their love story cake, and it’s becoming increasingly more popular for women to propose to their partners, too.

If you’re thinking of sealing the deal with your significant other but want to find a unique way to pop the question, here are six different ways you can propose.

1. Photobooth

For a truly private moment caught on camera, why not propose in a photobooth? Whether you’re at the beach or a quaint photobooth in an antique shop, squeeze into the booth and wait for the shutters to go off. As they do, pull out a ring. Your significant other’s reaction will be caught on camera, so not only will you completely take them by surprise, but their reaction will become a printed memory you can keep forever.

2. Hollow Out a Book

Do you have a bookworm partner? If so, hollowing out a book is a great way to propose. To do it, buy a book (perhaps a second-hand book that has seen better days or that is damaged to the point it’s unreadable so that you’re not wasting a perfectly good book). Hollow out a section in the pages in the shape of a heart (use a cookie cutter as a guide) and place the ring inside. If you’re confident they’ll open it immediately, simply hand it over, otherwise, pretend you’re reading and ask them to read a page you’ve just read. As you hand it over, they’ll see the ring. Magical!

3. Pumpkin Carving

In the fall months, a unique way to propose is by carving a pumpkin. Take your significant other to a pumpkin patch and choose a pumpkin each. When you get home, carve them out. On yours, carve out the words ‘will you marry me?’. Turn your finished pumpkin towards them and see their surprised face at your Halloween-themed pumpkin.

4. Pet Proposal

There’s no cuter way to propose than with the help of your fur baby. Whether you and your partner are paw-rents to a dog, cat, rabbit or another furry friend, safely tie a ring to their collar and see how long it takes your partner to notice. You can also make your pet a part of your wedding day by having them act as a ring bearer in the same way you proposed.

5. Photo Balloons

For a more romantic proposal, get some balloons and tie a polaroid picture to the string of each balloon. You can caption each photo with a different word until you have a complete ‘will you marry me?’. Line them up down the hall of your house and wait for your partner at the end of the hall on one knee.

6. Graffiti Wall

This proposal is more for the artistic people. To achieve it, spray paint those magic four words on a wall or underpass, and then arrange for you and your significant other to go on a walk that just so happens to bypass the wall. When you get to it, drop down on one knee and get a photo to commemorate the occasion. You will, of course, need to make sure you time the walk immediately after you do the painting to ensure it’s not painted over before you get to it!

Have these ideas inspired you to propose to your significant other?

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