Undeniable Signs that He Likes You

21st Century Undeniable Signs that He Likes You

I know, all pretty ladies who are reading this are in love with someone.

Am I right?.

I guess I am right.

Reading this may give that pink blush on your cheekbones. That might be looking super cute.

When you fall in love with someone, or you like someone; but do not know the feelings of the second person, at that point of time, you keep on wondering that whether he is also interested in you or not.

signs he is fighting his feelings for you

What if I asked him, but he may reject me?…. So many questions like this that may resist you in expressing your feelings to him.

Gone are the days, when we girls were using some silly and crazy tricks like plucking out the flowers to get a hint about his liking towards us. No more plucking of flowers girls!…

I am driving 21st-century rules to help you in discovering some undeniable signs that he likes you more than your imagination.

Let’s hunt for his feelings girls……..

How to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly?

guy is interested in you

Ok girls..Just watch out!

If the man of your dreams also finds you in his dreams, then you are the lucky one. He may try his best to send signals of his feelings to you in various forms. Below are some of the gestures that a boy does if he is interested in you such as:

  • If you notice that he is staring at you constantly.
  • He notices you while you pass him.
  • He may try to talk to you no. of times in a day.
  • He smiles at your each & every foolish joke.
  • He compliments you.
  • If he tries to catch you alone, just being two of you.
  • He stays around you in every possible way.
  • You become his priority even more than his mobile phone. Yes, ladies! This is quite true. Start noticing this fact…
  • Another point which always makes me smiles; when he gets jealous of other boys with whom you are talking. You know, boys look damn cute when they get jealous.

Girls, just enjoy their jealousy…..Boys can be really fun while you see them filled with ennui.

As otherwise, if he is not interested in you then he may not be showing such kind of gestures towards you.

What’s next now!

How to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it somehow?

a man is attracted to you

Yeah, I am aware that you are often left in a dilemma when the man is attracted to you but he is hidinghis feelings and you are curious to unveil those. In such situations, how you can be sure!

  • Well, if he is nervous around you and unable to utter a single word. Then, it’s a positive sign.                                     
  • If he never forgets to like/comment any of the photographs that you have posted on any of your social accounts.
  • When he decently touches you, but tend to define it as an accidental touch.
  • He might approach you no. of times, however, he changed the topic upon coming closer to you. That means he has a fear of being rejected upon confessing his feelings to you.
  • Moreover, he may feel that if he asks you, then there could be a possibility that you may not even accept him as a friend.

These are some of the signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection. You could probably say that these are the signs he is fighting his feelings for you. My suggestion to all the girls: If you want boys to speak, give them a chance to express their feelings.


What does prolonged eye contact mean from a man to a woman?

prolonged eye contact

To all my peers, whosoever were searching what does prolonged eye contact mean from a man to a woman; I wanna give a pause to your search. You are often perplexed to get the right perception of eye contact that a man makes.

There are countless answers to this question like:

  • He might get engrossed in you when you are around him. If a guy often makes eye contact with you; that means he wants your attention and giving some signals to read his eyes.
  • Another meaning could be; you look attractive to him that he can’t take off his eyes from you. That’s why he keeps on staring at you. Some of you might have noticed that when he catches your eye, he then ignores as nothing had happened. By doing so, he is gaining your attention.
  • Most importantly, lemme make you a little bit happier by revealing the topmost secret. It could be a strong emotion for you. Yes, you read it correctly. There could be a possibility that he likes you, due to which his likings for you are not helping him to get out of your eyes.
  • Every now & then, you think that he may be looking with cheap thoughts. Did you get what I am trying to say? I mean to say at your bodily parts. However, this could not be the case every time. He will just look into your eyes if he is pure from his heart.
  • Prolonged eye contact could be the sign of flirting as well. So, be careful to judge if a person is flirting or truly into you. Just be attentive towards the gleam of his eyes.

To show his confidence and to express something to you, they do make eye contact. Undoubtedly, boys are well known about the fact that eyes are the first entrance to get into the heart of a girl just like tasty food for a man.

So if someone likes you, it will get into your eyes to make a long lasting impression on you.

I think you all can now easily depict the type of gleam that the boy holds in his eyes for you for prolonged eye contact.

Being frank to all, I too had some crushes like you all where I got stuck whether he is the one whom I was looking for.

No one was there to guide me. Thus, I decided to judge the persons by the way they were looking into me, their approach towards me, their gestures and even their way of talking. All these aspects helped me a lot to predict the person in depth.

Admirably, I found my love as well when I recognized the signs that he likes me too.

All in all, for all my lovely ladies;

If you have a crush on someone and want to know his side, then just take a risk by giving him some way. As, with your one move, he may move two steps further and your dream may come true!.

We are the beauties; we have a limitless number of ways to attract a guy…

Don’t bother if there are no positive responses from the opposite side.

Everything would come to you; be confident about your looks and your attitude; as these will attract them towards you and you may start experiencing the above-stated undeniable signs that he likes you.

Girls never stop your emotions, let them flow. They’ll make their own way.

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