Gut Instinct in Relationships

Gut Instinct in Relationships: How to Listen to Your Intuition

We often follow our intuition to keep our thoughts alive just by listening to the inner physical reaction. So what does gut intuition mean? It is nothing but understanding and listening to the inner thoughts, and acting accordingly by trusting ourselves. Basically, individuals who follow what their intuition says will avoid any unhealthy situations and relationships. Each individual has different opinions, hence following the advice of their intuition is better than moving forward with other external opinions. Here, in this article, let’s read and understand how to listen to your intuition and take a step forward based on your gut instinct. So, keep reading the post to know more about it.

What is Gut Feeling?

Gut feeling is an amazing piece of network with 100 million neurons, which often called the second brain. Gut feeling is nothing but a deep understanding of any situation without any conscious reasoning and moving forward according to your inner thoughts and feelings. According to neuroscience, gut feeling is something we often don’t know but have some idea on the subject we are thinking about.

Have you ever had a Gut Feeling?

Did you ever think about what it is? No! A few studies suggest that the stomach communicates with the brain indirectly through neuropeptide signaling and the result suggests that gut feeling is the signals transmitted at the epithelial-neural synapses through the neurotransmitter serotonin. The main role of the serotonin is to act accordingly when the signals are received elsewhere from the body. Also, the study states that enteroendocrine cells activate sensory neurons within tens of milliseconds to hundreds of milliseconds.

The enteric nervous system is often referred to as the second brain, which operates independently. We often listen to our gut feeling when we meet anyone for the first time or we trust the instinct while taking action during a difficult situation. Yes! The brain-gut axis provides constant updates on the two ends.

If you are experiencing a scary gut feeling then you can also take help from an online doctor.

Should you trust your Gut?

The Neurologist says that intuition is not as imperfect as we believe. In some parts of the countries following what intuition says is not encouraged over the past years. These days individuals from around the world rely more on analytical and scientific thinking. Trusting your gut feeling is just because of the experience you have gone through previously and predicting what will happen next. The brain is a large predictive machine that stores all the previous information’s and each time it acts is based on the message received from the inward sensory information and will help you predict the action that happens next. So, based on the past experience and the current issues gut feeling helps to predict the exact results subconsciously and inevitably.

Now, your mind will be running with several questions like should you trust your gut? Yes! You can trust your gut. In the previous era, there was no scientific reason to support the particular topic and many individuals considered it as an imprudent act. Now there are many scientific papers published to upkeep the gut feelings. So, go with your gut ahead, listen, and follow all your gut communications and feelings without any regret as it may save your lives.

Here are a few things you need to notice before you trust and consider all the options:

Evaluate your thoughts by:

  • Observing your own thoughts and feeling that is running through
  • Check whether you can accept the different reality
  • Argue with yourself and find whether you can able to open up with the new possibility

Here are a few reasons why you need to trust your gut:

  • Intuition is released based on past experience. So take the advice into considerations.
  • Intuition is released from the brain as the actions are provided by connection to the body, mind, and spirit.  So, you can take on the challenges without any fail.
  • Butterflies feeling in the tummy results from the millions of nerve cells inside your body.

What does a gut feeling feel like:

Have you ever noticed and followed the actions based on what your gut instinct says?  You may get the gut feeling in the stomach, chest, or somewhere deep downside inside that you can’t express the feeling or have an unfamiliar feeling. The gut feeling often goes noticed as tightness in the areas like the stomach and the chest. So, tune in to what intuition says for clarity and confidence. You may also feel a sense of ominous due to anxiety and stress. Awaken yourself and listen to the voice of the subconscious mind to remain healthy during all your challenging times.

Pay attention to the following signs of gut feeling. Here are a few tips to understand how gut feeling feels like:

  • A quick feeling of fear
    • An irresistible urge to do something
    • Getting goose-bumps, body chills, or tingles
    • Feeling nausea or uneasiness
    • Getting hypervigilant in any new situations or environments that are not familiar with.

How to listen to your gut:

Speaking with a calm inner voice is like a magical experience. Due to the fast-paced development of science, you can now pay more attention to understand the gut feelings. Yes! To shape your lives better, listen to intuition.

Here are a few ways to tap the intuition and to bring self-awareness. Check out the following points now!

  • Listen to the inner, peaceful feeling that is experiencing the tightness inside the chest and the stomach.
  • Attend to the lucid dreams that you are experiencing as this helps to understand what your spirit communicates. Also, document the experience even if it is not a sensible one.
  • Listen to the intuition when you are not busy, while you meditate, and during sleeping. Yes, this is the time when your mind tries to open up without pushing for it.
  • Pay attention to the repeated thoughts, pulling, and patterns that occur in different directions. Yes! Accept what your gut intuition says as it may guide you in the right direction.
  • Listen to both the instinct and the intuition as both are different. Sometimes you may feel both are not in sync. So, now you might be eager to know what gut instinct means. Yes, Instinct is an automatic response, whereas intuition is more focussed on the good thing that provides the result from the previous experience.
  • Listen to inner happiness as ignoring them may bring uneasiness feeling in you.
  • If you are feeling inspired and excited then listen to the gut what it says. Yes! Your inner thought sparks and follows the intuition path as eliminating them may bring the feeling that won’t go away as easily.
  • Negative thoughts may also run through. So, listen to the intuitive choices while you are in good mood rather than making your choices while you are in a negative mood.
  • Observe all your sensations and thoughts before reacting to it
  • If you notice changes in the heartbeat, muscle tension, and breathing rhythm, just stop and listen to it.
  • Take a deep breath and listen to the conversation in your head. Consider the feeling what your inner mind says and act according to it
  • Just notice, question yourself and check what your gut says.
  • To check out whether you are experiencing tightness or relaxation, just open up and speak out loud.
  • Listen to both the head and the gut before you take the next step.

How to listen to your intuition in relationships:

Thinking too much can hurt your health. Getting a gut feeling when someone is attracted to you is a common thing to experience. Here are a few ways to listen to your intuition:

  • Check whether you are changing to please yourself or others.
  • Take more time and listen to your gut before making an impulsive decision
  • Pay attention to the physical sensations occurring in the stomach, getting sweaty palms, feeling anxious, hurt, etc. Also, don’t respond to the intuition behavior that is eliminated when you have a gut feeling about someone around you.
  • Never inhibit or mistrust the intuition. Just relax and trust the intuition as it makes you stronger the more you listen to it.
  • Check whether your body language is showing the sign of insecurity by watching out
  • Your eye expressions, body movements, body postures,

Is your gut feeling always right in relationships:

Yes! You may have mixed thoughts and might require acting accordingly based on what the situation and relationships speak. If your gut speaks the truth, it is a must to pay attention to it. But there are a few ways to check what the gut instinct is trying to tell you:

Recognize what the gut sensations are trying to reveal during the fearful thinking as you need to avoid such fearful feelings. Yes, recognizing the difference is the key as it helps to pick the best choices and act accordingly.

Trust what the gut instinct says as it will help to increase the belief in you and addresses survival issues.  Even though you may not act immediately to the gut instinct, just pay attention closely and listen to what the gut speaks. Applying it will help you guide both personal and relationship life. It may also sometimes give a warning from your subconscious mind. It doesn’t mean that you need to listen to what it says. Just get a clear picture and act accordingly based on your intuition and the gut feelings you experience.

Here are a few things you need to check out whether to proceed with the relationships:

  • Trust your emotions
  • Trust your intuition
  • Open-up your feelings, fear, worries, and other concerns
  • Trust your experiences
  • Believe in your reliability

The journey of life can bring many ups and downs. Seeking external guidance by listening and following it can many times lead us on the right path. Making use of intuitive guidance is a wonderful thing in life when we are already blessed with it. Constantly following the guiding force that is “the inner wisdom” says helps us to achieve the goals. Just be honest with yourself and concede your inner feelings as those actions drive you in the correct direction. All you need to do is to trust your gut, listen to your inner feelings, tune according to your physical signs, heed to the synchronicities, construct a room for clarity, and dissolve all the pressures, tension, anxiousness, and apply the thoughts accordingly to stay connected for an illuminating life journey. Also, when you are in relationships, trust your gut and go with what your gut says!

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