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How Men Fall in Love?[Discover your True Love]

Readers,” Love”… I know with this one word your mind must roll back to the nostalgic memorable moments of your life where everyone has different tales to tell about their love life. 

Feelings of love

Well It is little typical to sum up feelings of love in words though people try to explain it with different modes like songs, poems and paintings and so on. Love is feeling experienced by different people in different ways.

Therefore, here we are to elaborate something about love.

Feeling like Falling in Love?

Feeling like Falling in Love

Ah! Thought of falling in love is giving sensations in my body as it is really amazing part of someone’s life to experience. Love is terrifying, thrilling , revolting, nauseating and generally a factual rollercoaster of emotions which can happen to anybody either at first sight , on first date or you may not be truly fall in love with someone until you’ve been dating them for five years.

To understand your emotions may be little tricky if you are falling in love or just feeling an attraction. Just check out the comparison

  • Attraction is somewhere associated with the looks whereas love concentrates on emotions
  • Love is a feeling which remains same after years well attraction is fragile and creates boredom with the passing time.
  • Love makes you accept the person the way they are whereas attraction wants everything perfect.
  • Attraction comes to an end very easily if things don’t work whereas love empowers you to make everything possible to let the relationship possible.
  • Love let you care him/her more than yourself as you involve more with each other whereas attraction blur the feeling of care as time passes on.

I believe above mentioned points will make it apparently clear that how attraction is different from love.

If feelings and emotions are going on right track then be sure by checking some questions to help you sort it out:-

  1. Are you highly motivated to be with someone?
  2. Can’t stop yourself gazing at them and love them to be in your thoughts?
  3. You feel like butterflies are in your stomach and you are at clouds nine.
  4. Love to take extra care and always try to make her happy.
  5. You didn’t feel pain so strongly.
  6. You find their whims and fancies attractive.        

Are you feeling all above if yes then you are really fortunate enough that you have met someone special and going to experience truly beautiful relationship of love.

Never rush for decisions regarding your relationship as nothing in this world is perfect give time and finalize.

Do Guys fall in Love Faster?

Do Guys fall in Love Faster

Its biological reasons due to which men fall in love much faster than women, express emotions and sentiments. Flooding of testosterone and the way mind is linked up with its effect males get attracted towards the females on the basis of their physical appearance without getting sure about the compatibility whereas women are choosy and selective about finalization of their partner. As they have to look for long term stability which will be good for upbringing of the offspring.

Signs a Man is falling in love with a Woman

Signs a Man is falling in love with a Woman

Guys becomes more confident when they are in love as they feel special but simultaneously scared to express the feeling of love to the one as fear of negative response or too much hurry sometimes let them to be quite.

But love is the feeling which nobody can hide inside and press it down if you will do so it will jump up like a spring therefore understand it and give it a right path.

Smile is coming up on my lips with the thought of watching strange and sometimes idiotic activities of guys as they themselves don’t know that they are in love.

Here are few signs to catch up if the guy is in love:

  • To impress he is trying to be according to you.
  • Your weird and uncanny acts seem pleasing and likeable to him.
  • If someone never let his attention and eyes off you, spend hours talking to you and become immensely protective and caring for you.
  • If you are getting introduced with special people by him.
  • Whenever futuristic plans and approach is getting into your conversation.
  • To admit I Love you is not enough for relationships to work, but forgetting and forgiveness (saying sorry) is also a positive approach to maintain the relationship before the situation is out of control.
  • If he blush with your name and keep on gushing about you to his friends and closed ones then surely it is love.

How long does it take for a Man to fall in Love?

How long does it take for a Man to fall in Love

Everyone is different from each other. Readers you must have met many people in your lives who say that they fall in love at first sight, in few weeks and few who are together for months but still are not sure about the relationship and feelings.

As per study and observation attraction can happen within 3 seconds whereas science is surprising us more that falling in love just take one-fifth of a second.

Biologist Dawn Maslar notes a few things:

— Love has a biological basis.
— There is no exact time for falling in love.
— There is no such thing as love at first sight; it’s mere lust

Love is a mesmerizing feeling which needs patience, care and dedication. No need to feel like competing with somebody as feelings is unique and incomparable. As you are into the budding stage of relationship then don’t feel anxious about the confirmed relationship of your friends because everybody has difference send of chemistry and understanding.

Stay honest with yourself and your feelings don’t act swanky.

But if you’re sure about your feelings? That you’ve truly fallen in love?

How Men fall in Love Psychology

How Men fall in Love Psychology

If I will say physical attraction is only important in falling in love then it will not be true. Because it is important but just a part to initiate relationship. Both men and women are different from each other and even share different psychology too for falling in love. Mostly women not able to comprehend man have thought process while choosing to be in a relationship. Many women believe men choose women based on their looks, age or social status whereas men actually want a partner which triggers the emotions of love, fascination and connection. Men looks for a female which is able to communicate straight way considering all his concerns and desired driven in his brain related to their relationship.

Stages of Love for Men

stages of love

Feeling of love is unique and exceptional. Men and women both are of different psychology.

Stage 1: Appreciation/attraction

This is the first stage for men to fall in love. Males could get influenced by different factors of females and can find them attractive and appreciable. It would be eyes, hair, lips, legs, figure and so on. Infatuation leads to appreciation. Once man is getting wooing effect by you this will make him approach you again and again as physical attraction is the very first initiative towards process of love. In this he tries to please you based on similar interests and hobbies these efforts of him brings you both bit closer.

Stage 2: Let’s be friends

Partners love to be with each other more and more far if you both feels like reciprocating the feelings then friendship is the best way to more communicate and understand each other as friendship is the base of every relationship.

Stage 3: Attention and chase phase

In this modern era of mobiles and internet, it is easy to access and communicate with each other. Continuous attention and care is necessary to get surety and confirmation about stability of relationship.

Man could be entertaining multiple partners at particular point of time as everybody expect perfect partner in their life.

Once a man finds someone worth all his attention and affection now, he has his undivided attention to one special girl.

Stage 5: More than friends

This is the stage when things are getting more serious and relationship is moving further from friendship. Now men will be feeling wonderful with the feeling of to be with some girl.

Stage 6: Reaffirmation

In duration of this stage both girl and guy are in a serious relationship and guy will wonder his life with and without you. Attraction let you be friends but now pampering with gifts, fun dates and many more superficial activities are not suffice to balance the feelings which are based on attraction. This will be the time where he will finalize that if he wants something more in this relationship above whatever they have right now.

Stage 7: Commitment

Finally this is the time when both are in love with each other and decides to stay with each other faithfully and look for a prosperous and happy future together.

I believe if you are sure that he is Mr. Right or Ms. Right then why not to commit and dedicatedly nourish a relationship.

What does a Man think when he falls in Love?

What does a Man Think when he falls in Love

This has been proved with different research and studies on human behavior that almost all men have same kind of thoughts and feelings when they fall in love. Men gets very excited, feels elated and butterflies fly in their stomach. Once man falls in love he makes a different world for him wherein he imagines only the one .On the other hand he gets vulnerable to emotions like happiness, tensions, excitement and tensions etc. He loves to share his feelings with his friends and closed ones. Likewise he will constantly remember the incidents that happened with the girl and never miss out any opportunity to meet and talk to the girl. He will get extra protective and caring for her.

What makes a Man fall deeply in Love with a Woman?

What makes a Man fall deeply in Love with a Woman

Most of us want to fall in love with someone whose presence in life will make your journey happier and will always be with you in every phase of life.

Love is a beautiful feeling which happen naturally nobody can give it a rise artificially. If it will happen then some point this artificial feeling will collapse automatically. If you want him to fall in love with you truly then be you whatever you are, no need to be a fake character as this fakeness will lower the chances of stability and consistency of the relationship.

  • Honesty: Very first thing a man is looking for in a relationship is honesty. Be very clear about what you are looking for in a relationship. Stay upfront and clearly explain the seriousness of relationship to the guy so that you must be able to understand if he is of worth or not.
  • Confidence and standards: Men feels really attracted towards confident women, as they feel confidence on you because you value and understands yourself. This is really amazing about women that they doesn’t let someone enters the relationship so easily and maintain healthy standards to keep them safe emotionally. Therefore, tough to handle the mindset. This is believed that harder someone try to get you, the more he will value you. This is human psychology
  • Don’t be too available: Men always love a woman who is passionate and invests her time in something productive. Therefore sometimes its fine but don’t always cancel scheduled events to be available for him as this will lead him to be proactive in planning rather than making plans at last minute.
  • Praise him: Men loves to be complimented for his looks and intelligence. Therefore, praising him for good and giving him reasons as why he is so special and important to you is a beautiful thing. In order to give this a personal touch, stay true to him and to yourself.
  • Do things for him that don’t benefit you: One of the best ways to make a man fall in love with you is to let him know that  what you could do to be with  him. He will obviously understand your concerns for him which you will be doing for no personal benefit.  It will build up the bond of partnership, care and love between you.
  • Listen: We rarely get good listeners as everybody wants to speak. Same scenario happens in relationship too we have seen men are always listening and women are chit chatting and talking .So, its good to hear your men to tell him that his opinion and suggestion values. As a result he will be more open and comfortable with you. When you feel like you are oversharing yourself just take a moment to pause, take a step back and let him speak a little. Ask him questions about his life and his passions as well to know more about him.
  • Trustworthiness: Trust is the base of this relationship.  As you both are moving ahead towards a new phase of your life. When a man is being honest with you, try not to take offense to it.  And be thankful that he is coming from a place of honesty. Understand and bring light and love to this situation. The moment you do this is, you will begin to grow as a couple. Past is all dead if you both feel like to share some experience with each other than trust will be the bond to elevate.


Love is never related to the concept of lust and outer beauty. Infatuation can happen to you many a times but love and feelings for one will happen rare.

Understand the minor difference between attraction, love and being in love to have a healthy and secure relationship.

Love is completely a feeling of care, attention, honesty, dedication, understanding, adjustment and trust.

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