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Top 15 Makeup Styles- Easy & Trending in 2020

If you want to summarize the makeup trends of this year in a single word, then I would call it FUN! If you are a die heart fan of makeup and enjoy playing with colors, then this is the time when you can actually experiment with all the bold colors. Moreover, people who are not bold with makeup looks, then this year is an excellent opportunity for your girls to try out some fun with makeup. 

Moreover, dig in your makeup storage, look for the bright color eye makeup palette and colored season with intensely pigmented shades, bright neon, glossy textures, and a lot of glitters. Moreover, the makeup industry is at its full swing over the past couple of years. The contemporary business world is offering a bunch of new brands struggling to make their mark among the galaxy of elite makeup brands. 

These brands are also offering an eye catching packaging for their product along with the durable quality. Frankly! The labels need to work on their packaging by producing the custom cosmetic box from a well to do packaging company. Trust me, inspiring the clientele with a stunning packaging is the backbone for the success of any brand.

Now, getting back to the topic, let us have a quick sneak peek into the stunning makeup looks that you can certainly try.

1. Eye Decoration

Eye Decoration

A nice positive sticker has the ability to enlighten your mood and the whole environment. Seriously, who in this world would not have a ball time when she is wearing a pretty star on her face? All you need is to place two stars on your face in an elegant way to uplift the whole mood of your face. You think I am joking, you are wrong! This is one of the simplest makeup looks of the season, all you need is plain nude eyes, and place a fun sticker on it, easy breezy, and you are good to go.

2. Freely Hovering Eyeliner

Freely Hovering Eyeliner

I know some of you would be like, “are you nuts?”, but trust me, the eyeliner does not necessarily have to stay on your eyelids merely. Frankly! My initial reason was exactly how you are feeling right now. However, some chics are bold enough to experiment with this new definition of makeup, which is quite enjoyable (if you have the confidence to pull it off). Some fashion related divas are trying out this new look in their fashion show, and it is getting some good response. Trying out this look is quite easy, you need to apply the eye shadow first, followed by using the pencil eyeliner to sketch a line across the eyelid. Furthermore, there are ample ways you can use the liner to draw a simple line shaping the eye or draw a cute little star; it is your call.

3. Glittery Eyes

Glittery Eyes

Do you want a quick makeup tip for you all, the glittery eyes are totally slaying the fashion world nowadays. If you think I am lying, take at the latest Bella Hadid look from the fashion show. The look is easy to achieve plus you will look ravishing in this one. Let us try to recreate the look, use a black kajal to line the waterline. Smug these black kajal for the dark gothic look. Finally, add silver glitter to finish off the look. Honestly, I love this one as you can hide your dark circles through this. 

4. Shimmery Smokey Eyes

Shimmery Smokey Eyes

Bid farewell to the typical smokey eyes you are pulling off over the past couple of years. The new era is all about the funky glittery eyes to glam up your look. It is indeed an excellent way to safely experiment with a look and add an alluring glamorous touch to it. Besides, achieving the look is quite easy, create the smokey eye base with a pure coal shade along with applying silver glitter over it to complete the look.

5. Cat Eye in Neon Shades

Cat Eye in Neon Shades

Are you a die heart fan of cat eye? If yes, then I have a piece of excellent news for you all, cat eyes are officially the makeup trend of this year. Besides, this look is super speedy, all you need is to ensure that the typical black or brown eyeliner switches with any neon shade, and use it as eyeliner. To recreate this look, firstly, make sure you are an expert in creating the perfect wing. Now, use a neon green gel pencil to create an excellent wing for the funky look. 

6. Hot Red Lips

Hot Red Lips

No matter whatever age group you fall, one lipstick shade that has the ability to brighten up your face is an impeccable red lip. Now, the glorious news is that the red lipstick color is back in trend. This season every chic is obsessing over red lips, and it does not need many cosmetics. Make sure your makeup kit can create bright cherry lips, thick brows, and clean skin. Trust me! You are good to rock any party. However, ere applying the hot red lips, make sure you prep your lips by applying a good lip balm or a lip scrub. 

7. Omber Eyeshadows

Omber Eyeshadows

Now, every girl who follows fashion trends might be aware of the fact that bright eyeshadows are quite the talk of the town. Numerous celebrities strive to create a fun eye makeup look by using bright eyeshadows. Besides, it looks utterly pretty (only if you can slay it); for instance, you can go for a nice gold, yellow, and orange color combination to create the funky look. Moreover, recreating the look is quite easy, prepare your skin with a quality primer, and start by applying gold shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. Use yellow shadow in the middle of the eyelid, and complete the outer corner with a cheerful yellow color, and you are ready!

8. Bold Gothic Lip Color

Bold Gothic Lip Color

We all are using bright, nude, and natural lipstick shades for years now, so let us try to be unique this season with a bold gothic lip color. You think I am nuts, take a look at the celeb’s latest fashion look. Trust me! Nothing looks a badass and funkier than the typical lip colors we frequently use. Now, creating this look is a piece of cake, make sure you prep your lips before applying a violet or black lip shade, followed by using light grey eyeshade to complement the lip color.  

9. Bright Purple Underline

Bright Purple Underline

Pinks are evergreen shades in the makeup world; however, the trend is getting slightly different this year, as purple is taking over pinks in the makeup world. Yes, purple is the new hot favorite this season, so how about trying a purple lower line? The look is quite easy, wear false lashes or use mascara to your naturally long lashes, and pull it off with the purple lashline. Creating this look is yet again quite easy, you need a powder, or cream purple eye shade to apply on your lower line. Now, use lots of mascara, and a bright eyeshade of upper lash lines, such as blue (if you feel like using it), and you are ready to rock the party!

10. White Eye Liner

White Eye Liner

Now, we all use a white pencil on the lower lash line to make our eyes pop, but have you tried applying white eyeliner? I know we all enjoy experimenting with makeup, but if you do not have guts to use bright and neon eye liner, yet you wish to look different, then this is your thing. This is easy breezy and automatically refreshes your face with using multiple cosmetics. To create this look, take a white gel liner or a white pencil, and create a small wing eyeliner with some black mascara, no rocket science, simple and easy!

11. Sunset Eyes

Sunset Eyes

You are surely going to love this one. I know it’s a really enticing title “sunset eyes” because who doesn’t love sunsets? We all want to see them. The colors, the beauty of nature, it’s all on point at that time. And what if you have all that beauty packed around your eye? It is one of the most trending makeup looks going on these days. So let’s see how it’s done and trust me, it isn’t hard at all. 

You need to prime your eyelid first. Or if you don’t have that available at the moment, you can also use foundation or concealer as an alternative. Since it’s the sunset, you have to have a multi-tone finish. The best way to do it is to apply the lightest color eyeshadow first and then go to the darker tones. That’s it, your sunset eyes look super dashing!

12. Voluminous Lashes

Voluminous Lashes

Ah, this is included in one of the most popular makeup looks for real. Everyone wants volume in their hair or lashes. The more volume there is, the fuller and healthier they look. Doing this makeup only requires a volumizing mascara, a mascara wand with lots and lots of bristles, and a black primer. 

First, apply the primer with a clean brush and then start running your mascara with a mascara wand lightly along your lashes. Only one coat isn’t enough for this look so make sure that you add a few coats and stop when you feel that your lashes look volumized and amazing. 

13. Fresh Skin and Accent Inner Corners

Fresh Skin and Accent Inner Corners

You will surely love to look natural because there’s no beauty as the natural one. Every woman looks much more fresh and attractive when she is in her natural look and there’s no special makeup to make her features prominent. This is trending in the best makeup styles of this year. This one is completely opposite to the colored makeup trend since it doesn’t require any coloring on your skin. For this one, all you must have are concealer, foundation, and a brightening booster. 

Get all of these and sit down relaxed in front of the mirror. Start with the booster drop and then add the concealer. For great finishing, use foundation and boom! Your natural and fresh look is ready! And yes, just add a little pop of color to the inner corners of your eyes to make your whole makeup pop!

14. Glitter And Crystals

Glitter And Crystals

Or you can call it a “party look”. This is included in the list of the trends that are in fashion for a long time. It is still one of the most what is colored makeup trend and you are going to love this look on you. 

Of course, you’ll need glitter and foundation. No, it’s not the common glitter I’m talking about, it’s the one exclusively for makeup purposes. Just add some of it to your foundation and start applying it. Do whatever makeup style you want and your final look will be all sparkling and super captivating. 

15. Pastel Eyeshadows

Pastel Eyeshadows

I know this year is all about bold eye makeup, but it does not mean that pastels are completely out of fashion. Our final makeup fashion trend includes pastel eyeshadow to complete a stunning look. Now, you can use any pastel shade you want. For instance, Gigi Hadid recently created a fun look with pastel blue eyeshadow, and it looks stunning! Once again, recreating this stunning look is easy, as beginners like me cannot play with colors. So, take a fluffy brush, and apply the eye shadow all across your upper eyelid, inner corner of the eye, and lower lash line Finish off with lots of mascara, and TADA! 

To wrap up the discussion, makeup is all about having fun with colors, and this year gives you ample opportunities to play with colors. All you need is the confidence to slay the look!

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